What Cases Does A Family Lawyer Handle?

Family law is one of the most common and prominent branches of law. It refers to the legal function that addresses the issues pertaining to different kinds of family relationships, for instance, marriage, divorce, child custody and adoption etc.

By that definition, an attorney practicing family law is a family lawyer who facilitates the respective clients through their representation in the family court and assists them in the court proceedings or out-of-court settlements and negotiations.

Let’s look at the cases handled by a family lawyer in more detail


Divorce can be a very challenging time for the family and cause a major upheaval, particularly when the couple has children. However, a divorce is accompanied by various legal proceedings, including property division and child custody. Family lawyers can facilitate the concerned individuals for settlement and even in cases where there are disputes.

Child custody and support

If the couple getting divorced has children, then the issue of child custody also needs to be catered to. A family lawyer can help settle issues like paternity, physical child custody, visitation rights etc.

Similarly, the issue of spouse and child support can also be addressed through family lawyers in the event of a divorce. Individuals who are not legally married and have children but decide to support can also refer to the court for child custody issues and hire the assistance of a family lawyer.


Suppose a family wants to adopt a child legally. In that case, they must get assistance from an experienced family lawyer who will ensure that all the proceedings and paperwork regarding the adoption are done properly.

Domestic violence

Family lawyers can also be helpful in instances of an individual facing a threat or abuse at the hands of their partner and seeking a solution to their dilemma. A skilled family lawyer can assist the individual in seeking protection or getting a restraining order etc.

Property distribution and will execution.

In addition to marriage and child-related issues, family lawyers can also facilitate people in drafting their wills and see to the will execution in the event of the individual’s death.

Final remarks

In addition to the cases mentioned above, family lawyers can also assist in issues like guardianship, name changes, etc. The legal proceedings usually encompass a lot of paperwork and documentation. A skilled family lawyer who has considerable experience can help individuals, in turn, the proceedings in their favor or gain their due rights.

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